Take a few moments and read some testimonials from several satisfied Hamby’s Protector Beaching Bumper owners.

Because you never know where you may have to beach your boat, never be without a Hamby’s Keel Protector. I wouldn’t own a boat without one!”

dave-mansue-image-hambysDave Mansue

“I am a CPA/CFO and an incredibly active and passionate angler for over 55 years. During that time, I have owned over 20 bass boats, and have run an original Hamby’s protector on every one of them. As a Bass Cat promotional field staff member, I get calls and emails every year about recommendations for options and equipment to put on new boats. My standard answer is always—put a Hamby’s Original on it, and then let’s talk about the rest.”

michael-whitten-image-hambysMichael Whitten

I have been using Hamby’s Beaching Bumper for many years, and I would never consider not having one on my bass boat. They help protect my investment and provide me the freedom to beach my boat anywhere, anytime.”

hambys-jay-yelas-imageJay Yelas

“With all the places we go to fish, I wouldn’t even think to run my boat without a Hamby’s Beaching Bumper. It is the only way to protect my investment. Do your boat a favor and check one out!”

chad-pipkens-image-hambysChad Pipkens

“I fish about 150 days a year. Almost every day I must beach my boat for some reason. I have installed a Hamby’s Beaching Bumper on all the boats I have owned. Every year I sell my boat to get a new one. Every buyer asks if I have a Hamby’s on my boat. There is no doubt having a Hamby’s on my boat increases its value. I will not run another boat without a Hamby’s Beaching Bumper.”

john-crews-image-hambysJohn Crews

“A Hamby’s Keel Protector is a low-cost, rugged, yet attractive product that highly protects your fiberglass boat from damage. I have had one on my boats for over 10 years. Never have I had any damage from beaching (required for most tournaments) or accidental incidents such as hitting stumps or running aground.
Don’t let a large insurance claim happen to you. Put a Hamby’s on today – you’ll be well satisfied.”

Michael Black

“Up here in the Northeast, particularly the New England area, beaching our boats is the norm. “I can’t even think of selling my boat to any fisherman up here without a Hamby’s Beaching Bumper!” I am proud to have one on my Legend Alpha 211 Bass Boat!”

hambys-sheron-brown-imageSheron Brown

“As a full-time guide on Lake Fork, I am in and out of the marina hundreds of times a year. Whether I am beaching my boat for clients to load and unload, parking on the bank for lunch, or navigating through the many stumps on the lake during a day of fishing, I depend on my Hamby’s Beaching Bumper to protect my boat from costly damage. Whether you are a weekend fisherman or an accomplished angler, do not settle for less than the best. Get yourself a Hamby’s!”

hambys-james-caldemeyer-imageJames Caldemeyer

I have a Blazer 202ProV in which I installed a Hamby’s Protector on the keel of my boat. I was in an accident on 3/31/05 in which I was pulling my boat. I totaled my truck, and my boat was shoved 4 feet up my trailer and rested on the tailgate. My motor toter was shattered, the transom straps were ripped in half, the winch strap and safety strap were also ripped in half. The winch support and winch were twisted to h— and back. If it were not for the Hamby’s Protector the keel of my boat would have been ripped, but there was not even a scratch.. Thanks for a great product. I would highly recommend it for any boat.

Barry Camilleri

“Awesome product! Must have on any boat. Everyone should be protected by Hamby’s.”

hambys-earl-garrison-imageEarl Garrison IV

“There is no way I could do without the Hamby’s Keel Protector on my boat. Tournament weigh-ins and low water conditions often demand you beach your boat on unsafe conditions. As well as just simply launching your boat by yourself or picking up your partner on the concrete boat ramp. The Hamby’s is HEAVY duty and tough and will keep my boat from damage. Once you have a Hamby’s, you will immediately see the difference and when you get ready to sell your boat, it always brings more value. Invest in the best and don’t settle for the lightweight keel protectors. Good luck and good fishing.”

David Gregg

“I am a professional angler and I buy a new boat every year. I always put a Hamby’s keel protector on my boat to protect my investment.”

hambys-chad-grigsby-imageChad Grigsby

“Our boat condition is important to us, so that is why three generations of Hibdons have always used Hamby’s Keel Protectors.”

The Hibdons

“The Hamby’s Protector is the greatest invention for boats since seats with back rests! Beach your boat anywhere from solid concrete to broken rock with no damage to your boat or the Protector.”

hambys-jimmy-houston-imageJimmy Houston

“Hamby’s Beaching Bumper is the best product of its type on the market. The first time I decided to install a keel protector on my boat I was directed toward the Hamby’s product by a Boat Fiberglass Repair Company. They told me that I would be happier long term with the Hamby product and that it was the best at providing the protection for my boat. I now pull up on cement ramps in my boat to pick up and drop off my partners. I am not worried about keel damage because I have a Hamby’s. It will give you a life-time of protection. I would not have a boat without a keel protector and would not have anything other than Hamby’s. This unit is truly a Beaching Bumper for Boats!!!”

hambys-rob-jasper-imageRob Jasper

“When I’m fishing in FLW and BASS Tour events I’m traveling all over the country. During practice I prefer to launch near where I want to fish so that I save time and gas money by not running all over the lake. The only problem is that I end up launching at some marginal ramps without docks. But regardless of where I launch the boat my Hamby’s Protector always makes it easy to launch and load the boat by myself. It keeps my boat looking great from the day I pick it up at the factory to the day that I sell it.”

hambys-curt-lytle-imageCurt Lytle

“Being on the road as a full-time touring pro I spend a lot of time in my boat. Just about every time that I launch or weigh-in it is more convenient for me to beach my boat rather than tie up to a crowded dock. That is why I consider my Hamby’s to be one of the most important items on my boat. Just like my depth finders and trolling motor, my Hamby’s is a tool that allows me to be more efficient.”

hambys-andy-morgan-imageAndy Morgan

“When you travel the country competing in bass tournaments, you never know what situations you may encounter at all the different boat ramps you will have to launch from. From my experience, I know that less than half of them have a dock available to tie up to and many have unfavorable bank cover to slide a naked fiberglass hull onto. My Hamby’s gives me the peace of mind to beach my boat without hesitation in places where unequipped boaters can only cringe. For this reason, it still amazes me whenever I see a boat without a Hamby’s!”

hambys-clark-reehm-imageClark Reehm

Our crappie tournaments have us launching from out of the way boat ramps that never seem to have a loading dock. I can’t imagine launching at these places without a Hamby’s; it’s one of the best investments we have on our boat.”

hambys-kevin-rogers-imageKevin Rogers

“I do many, many tournaments each year, and the Hamby’s Beaching Bumper has saved my boat’s hull time and again. As a guide, I am always loading and unloading clients on concrete ramps. I don’t have to worry with the Hamby’s Beaching Bumper on my boat.”

Michael Rogge

“With my Hamby’s Protector I never have to worry about whether there are enough boat slips for weigh-in. I do not have any problems beaching my boat, whether on gravel or brush. I know my keel will be protected by the Hamby’s Protector. I try to buy a new bass boat each year. When I go to sell my boat, the potential buyer always asks me if the boat has a Hamby’s on it. It definitely increases the resale value of each boat. With the protection of the keel and added resale value why wouldn’t you add a Hamby’s Protector to your boat?”

Justin Russell

“If you are spending your hard earned money on your boat, protect your investment with a Hamby’s. I do and it pays. With a Hamby’s, I can always get closer to the boat ramp to pick up my partner in the morning without scratching the boat. Pulling up on rocks – No problem!
Protecting my boat at fishing tournaments is simple! Buy a Hamby’s protector!”

hambys-shad-schenck-imageShad Schenck

“The Hamby is the best keel protector out there for your boat. It will give you years of protection from rocks, gravel, sand, and cement. For the cost of your Hamby’s, it will save you time and money in repairs for the life of your boat.”

George Stoeppel

“I fish 300 days per year and beach my boat all the time on the ramps to pick up my customers and at tournament weigh-ins. I love my Hamby’s Beaching Bumper and will never have another boat without one. They are the best protector on the market by far.”

hambys-john-tanner-imageJohn Tanner

“Hamby’s sure makes my life easier on the Tournament Trail and while shooting the show.”

hambys-joe-thomas-imageJoe Thomas

“A Hamby’s Beaching Bumper is the first option I request every time when ordering my boat from my dealer. A Hamby’s protects my boat hull against underwater obstacles I can’t see. It also allows my boat to be even more accessible since I can beach it on nearly any shoreline with absolutely no worries of damaging my hull. It’s an outstanding addition for my boats competition and personal use while adding to my boats resale value once I am ready to get anew one. I love my Hamby’s Beaching Bumper!”

hambys-kurt-dove-imageKurt Dove

“Having a boat without a Hamby’s Beaching Bumper is like having a boat with no bottom. I load & unload myself at so many different places but no matter where I do I feel 100% comfortable beaching my boat without worry about scratching or damaging my Charger bass boat!”

hambys-james-watson-imageJames Watson
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When my boat was delivered in February 1999 the dealer installed an original Hamby’s which is also referred to as the heavy-duty model. Over the past 20 plus yeas my boat has been beached hundreds of times. I fish solo 90% of the time so my boat is constantly being beached on the boat ramp as long as the ramp is not busy, then it goes to the bank out of the way. My boat is no garage queen. It’s on its second motor and with the hours of the first motor and the hours on this one it has right at 1400 engine hour run time so it’s no garage queen. After hundreds of times beaching my boat the keel guard is holding on as strong as it was the day it was installed 20+ years ago. Aside from a few scratches and battle scars a person would never think my keel guard was no more than a few years old and I guarantee they would never guess it to be 20+ years old if they saw it. I recommend the original heavy-duty Hamby’s to anyone who is in it for long-run protection.  

Gene Burton

Hamby’s Beaching Bumper

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