When was the first Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumper installed?
Ernie Hamby invented the Beaching Bumper in 1988. There are now tens of thousands in use today.
Will the Hamby's Protector fit my boat?
The Hamby's will fit most v-hulled boats.
Will the Hamby's Beaching Bumper affect the performance of my boat?
Not generally - when a boat is "planed out" the Protector is not in the water.
What are the materials used to manufacture a Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumper?
The Hamby's Protector is made from a super tough Urethane, similar to what automobile manufacturers use to protect the chrome bumpers on vehicles - only it's tougher!
What are the dimensions of the Hamby's Beaching Bumper?
We manufacture a 6 foot and 8 foot length Protector. Both are 6 inches wide. And, in the center impact area, both are 5/8 inches thick.
How much does the Hamby's Protector weigh?
The Beaching Bumper weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.
Does the Hamby's Beaching Bumper come in different colors?
Yes. We manufacture 2 colors: Black and Dark Gray.
How is the Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumper installed?
The Hamby's Beaching Bumper is installed with West System eopxy, giving our product the strongest bond available on the market!
Can I install a Hamby's Beaching Bumper myself?
No. Due to the need for specialized equipment and the slightly technical nature of installation, the Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumpers are dealer installed only.
How much does a Hamby's Protector cost?
Due to the varying labor rates across the country, we can not set an installation price. The price is set by the installing dealer. Contact your local dealer for a quote.
Still have questions?
Call: 918-288-2822 or email Hamby's Protector, Inc.